Career City Viborg

We mean it when we say "Career City Viborg" — we strive to create the common thread between education and jobs. Our focus is on practical and relevant educations that reflect the business community and the skills that are in demand now and that will be relevant in the future. Also, we work closely with Aarhus University and Aalborg University to secure your opportunities and create sustainable knowledge and career bridges back to Viborg through internships and student jobs.

The diversity of education in Viborg is significant, but the common denominator is the close contact between education and companies. We constantly focus on the skills needed in the business community and on increasing your opportunities for education in Viborg.

What the Students say

Meet students from different programmes in Viborg, and hear their stories.

Education is something that unites us

Education is the key to a better future. That is why we work together — from primary school to further education— to constantly improve.