High Growth Potential in Agriculture

Viborg is one of the country's largest agricultural municipalities in terms of both area and number of employees. In addition to the approximately 2300 people directly employed in the agricultural sector, a significant number of companies and jobs in the municipality are directly related to agriculture through the production of agricultural machinery, knowledge, technology, food and consulting. The city is also home to one of Denmark's largest agricultural schools, Asmildkloster Agricultural School.

Located in Foulum are Aarhus University and the DCA — The Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture, which houses much of the university's research in food, agriculture and biomass management.

Sustainable Biomass

Bioeconomy is about companies and societies leveraging sustainable biomass for the development of new products. In many cases, these can replace products that are currently based on coal, oil, natural gas and synthetic production. DCA — The Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture — is home to the Department of Animal Science, the Department of Agroecology and research groups from the Department of Food, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics and the Department of Engineering Sciences.

DCA supports cooperation with companies, organisations and authorities. A stone's throw away is Food & Bio Cluster Denmark, a cluster and innovation environment for companies with knowledge of the food, agriculture and agricultural industries.

Companies and Businesses in the field of Bioeconomy and Agricultural Industry

The Bioeconomy and the agricultural industry offer many exciting and developing jobs and career opportunities. Our businesses are always looking for talent. Click here to see some of the companies that are making a name for themselves in the field.