Great Job Opportunities within the Building and Construction Sector

The building and construction sector in Viborg is large — both in the number of companies and employees. The sector employs a wide range of skilled and professional personnel.

Construction is well underway in Viborg, where growth and development are quite visible. Cranes fill the skyline over new districts, housing construction, educational institutions and the hospital. Apple's data centre has also created significant employment – including a substantial international labour market in specialised construction.

Viborg is Great at Vocational Education

There is a wide range of vocational educations within the construction industry in Viborg — and as one of the few municipalities in the country, we offer training guarantees on many of our programmes if you cannot find an apprenticeship.

At the same time, we focus on creating the best opportunities for further education. With an EUX education, you have the opportunity to study for a professional bachelor's degree or at a university.

Companies and Businesses in the field of Building and Construction

The Building and Construction industry offers many exciting and developing jobs and career opportunities. Our businesses is always looking for talent. Click here to see some of the companies that are making a name for themselves in the field.