Pedagogy with a Multidisciplinary Focus

The pedagogical programme (early childhood and social) is the largest education at VIA University College in Viborg with specialisations in day care, schools and free time as well as social and special pedagogy.

In Viborg, we utilise and develop practices between different educational programmes. For example, there is a focus on media and digital culture, health promotion and mobility, as well as nature and outdoor life. However, the interdisciplinary and international dimensions are also put into play — for example, through creative learning and animation and social entrepreneurship.

Learning and Animation

The teacher education in Skive is part of Campus Viborg. Together with The Animation Workshop and the pedagogical programme, future teachers and educators are taught production-oriented learning based on film and media educational tools and methods for use in different subjects and for different audiences.

In Viborg, we have pedagogical personnel in day care centres, schools, clubs, special institutions and as consultants. There are a lot of different jobs here in regular and specialty areas.

Companies and Businesses in the field of Pedagogy and Learning

The Pedagogy and Learning Sector offers many exciting and developing jobs and career opportunities. Our institutions are always looking for talent. Click here to see some of the companies in the field.