A Variety of Civil Jobs

Viborg is home to a wide range of public institutions, educational institutions, administrative bodies and international secretariats, and as a result offers great variety of jobs.

The city is the regional capital with the regional head office, a hospital and many specialised entities within the healthcare system. In addition, Viborg has a long history in the legal field and in this context, has many jobs in the District Court, the Western High Court as well as in the many boards and appeals boards that are organised in the Danish Appeals Boards Authority. Within the legal and healthcare sectors, there is close collaboration with Aarhus University with internships and student jobs.

A Part of the Danish Defence

Air Base Karup is Northern Europe's largest air base. Operation Support Wing is based at Air Base Karup and is responsible for the deployment of Air Force capabilities within Tactical Support, Air Base Support and Mission Support. In addition, the Central and West Jutland Police Districts have a station in Viborg.

The public sector in Viborg Municipality is broad and
relate to a wide range of programmes within public administration.

Companies and Businesses in the field of Public Sector and Administration

You can find many exciting and developing jobs and career opportunities within the field of Public Sector and Administration. Click here to see some of the companies in the field.