“From books and teachers, you learn about the basics of a subject, but the realities of life aren’t always reflected 100% in the books. During my internship, in addition to what you learn in the curriculum, I’m also learning about the business processes within the field of IT. That’s why it’s a completely invaluable work experience that you get.”

Intern Robert Newstead

Programme: IT Technology, Dania Academy, Viborg
Place of Internship: Ullits og Winther IT, Viborg

“One of the most important things about internships is networking. There are examples of students who get a job after an internship, but for me it’s about building a good network. This is where I have the opportunity to meet a lot of people.’’

Intern Pawel Lachut

Programme: Automotive Management, Dania Academy, Viborg
Place of Internship: 2Cap, Randers

“During my internship, I get the chance to put the theoretical knowledge that we’ve built up into practice and at the same time, I also gain international experience.”

Intern Suvethini Kandasamy

Programme: Marketing Management, Dania Academy, Viborg
Place of Internship: Earthjust Ecosystems, India

“As a video journalist, you can’t predict how your day will be. One's working hours, days and tasks vary a lot. Similarly, the type of stories you cover also varies a lot, so you have to be quite flexible.”

Intern Hans-Henrik Rottbøll

Programme: Film- and TV-production, Medieskolerne Viborg
Place of Internship: DIT LOKAL TV

“I always knew that I wanted to work with people. I think that the scientific side of the nursing profession and knowledge about diseases and the body are incredibly exciting. That’s why I am lucky that I am able to study to be a nurse in the city where I also play handball. Otherwise I am not sure I would be able to make it work.”

Intern Amalie Grøn Hansen

Programme: Nursing, VIA University College
Place of Internship: Hjemmeplejen (Eldercare) Viborg Municipality

“For me, meeting and interacting with people have been the main motivation for choosing the Social and Healthcare worker training programme. I think it is very exciting to have the opportunity to get to know new people. I especially like the element of caring for and helping people.”

Intern Caroline Poulsen

Programme: Social and Healthcare worker, Social og Sundhedskolen Skive, Thisted og Viborg
Place of Internship: Hjemmeplejen (Eldercare), Viborg Municipality

Education is something that unites us

Education is the key to a brighter future. That is why we work together — from primary school to further education— to constantly improve.