A huge Passion for Cars

I’ve always had a huge passion for cars. I started out studying IT but realised that I am a very social person and that sitting in an office all day wasn’t really my thing. I wanted to combine meeting other people with marketing. That's why the AP degree programme in Automotive Management suits me perfectly, because during the programme, we acquire a technical knowledge of the car's engine and its various parts, but the main focus is on how to run a business, with sales and management also being in focus. When I found out that Dania offered this programme, I was thrilled and knew right away that I had to apply.

It was definitely the combination of the several elements that the Automotive Management programme offers that drew me to Viborg.

An Internship is the way to a good Network

Personally, I think that one of the most important things about internships is networking. There are examples of students who get a job after an internship but for me it’s about building a good network. It’s perhaps the best time to expand your network.

In class, we learned about a lot of different topics but here I’ve really been allowed to try a lot of different things, and when I have some suggestions or ideas, the company I am interning at, is really open to it. For example, I had some suggestions for changes to our Facebook page which were well received. I’m definitely going to keep in touch with my colleagues, even after my internship ends here.

Invest your time, it pays off

To me, it makes sense to spend time trying to find the ‘right’ place of internship. I’m from Poland and I knew very well that there would be an additional challenge with me being a foreign student who doesn’t have a complete command of the Danish language yet. When I had to find an internship, I printed a lot of CVs and drove around to companies, knowing full well that they have different specialisations.

When I came here, I knew that 2Cap was focused on import and export, something I really wanted to get into. They told me that they have some contact with the Polish market and that they would like someone who could speak both English and Polish. That just confirmed that it really pays off to invest time in searching for an internship.