About the Course

I’m enrolled in the AP degree programme in IT Technology at Dania Academy in Viborg and as part of my course I’m an intern at Ullits og Winther IT. I’m originally from Skive and when I had to choose a course, it made good sense to me to stay in the area as I’m also closer to my family.

I chose the field of IT based on my competencies, interests and what the labour market looks like. I’ve always loved maths, so it made sense to go for IT. The course at Viborg delves into several different IT disciplines. Among other things, we’re learning about programming, robots, networks and the Internet of Things. You could say that in the big world of IT, we are generalists.

Invaluable Work Experience

With this being my first IT job, it’s the work experience, in particular, I’m looking to take away with me. As a student, you learn a whole lot at school. When you get out into the real world, reality can look a lot different. For example, I’ve focused a lot on programming during my course, where I've, for example, been working with diagrams, and I’ve, not used that during the internship.

The reality can be different from what you learn in school. There are, naturally, some important things to gain from the school environment, e.g. the basics of programming. During the internship, in addition to what you learn in the curriculum, I’m also learning about the business processes within the field of IT.

Jack of All Trades

As a reflection of the comprehensiveness of the course, my work assignments span an incredibly broad field. I work with administration and IT support, and right now I’m in the process of developing an ERP system for a customer. This is where programming, processes and data flow come into play. On top of that, I’m also dealing with power apps, where I’m working with low-coding.

In a way, an IT Technologist is a ‘Jack of all Trades’ within the world of IT. However, the tasks primarily depend on what kind of projects we get. There is a support mail attached, so there may also be new tasks on a daily basis that need to be solved straight away.