Wide range of knowledge and tools

I’ve been playing with the idea of becoming self-employed for a few years, but I felt like I lacked some knowledge and tools before I’d jump into it. I looked at different programmes and this degree programme in particular, caught my eye. The programme gives me a wide range of knowledge and tools that form a solid foundation. The opportunity to gain a global perspective played a crucial part in me choosing this programme.

I was born and raised near Viborg and went to high school in Viborg. When I saw the opportunity to study here, I did not hesitate to apply for this programme. For me, this is a unique opportunity to be close to my family while being able to complete my dream education.

From theory to practice

Right now, I’m an intern at Earthjust Ecosystems in India. It’s an organisation that focus on increasing the local community's awareness of the environmental and health consequences of our daily lifestyle. They do this, among other things, via workshops, and they have an organic market every Sunday. To make this run financially, they’ve developed a series of products which where ready for sale in March 2020.

From process til consumer
My task is to help with, e.g. analysing data, market research and develop the best possible marketing strategies. This means I have the opportunity to get an insight into the whole process that a product goes through, right from product concept until it reaches the end user.

A Unique opportunity

In order to add another level to my learning, I chose to do my internship in India. I see it as a unique opportunity to strengthen both my professional and social skills. I get the chance to put the theoretical knowledge I have gained throughout the programme into practice. At the same time, I’m also gaining international experience and knowledge about the opportunities Danish companies have in the Indian market.

In 10 years
”In 10 years, I see myself as self-employed. Right from the time my course started, I’ve been interested in including a global perspective into my studies and that’s why I could see myself having a company where I deal with strategy and business development abroad.”