Boblberg is a great place to find new friends – or others who share similar interests. You can also find a training buddy, a knitting community, someone to eat with or something completely different.

Student House 111

Student House 111 is a meeting place for students at the further educational institutions in Viborg. Here, students from various degree programmes meet to play music, be creative, party and enjoy each other's company. The Student House has a café/bar, a venue and comfortable corners.

Studenterhuset – Student House 111
Ammunitionsvej 1
8800 Viborg

Campus VIA

Campus Viborg has a dynamic study environment with a public library, canteen, parties and cafés. In addition to classrooms, group rooms and specialist rooms, there are workshops and a workout room.

VIA University College
Prinsens Alle 2
8800 Viborg

Borgerhuset Stationen

Borgerhuset Stationen is a vibrant cultural centre that can be used by anyone who needs a place to express their interests. It also organises activities such as music festivals, dance, concerts, open-stage and social events.

Ll. Sankt Hans Gade 7
8800 Viborg

Viborgs Tværpolitiske Ungdomshus

Viborgs Tværpolitiske Ungdomshus is the place for young people with an interest in politics and change. Eight political youth organisations gather here.

Viborgs Tværpolitiske
St. Sct. Hans Gade 8E
8800 Viborg Denmark
4270 3630

Viborg Ungdomsråd

Viborg Ungdomsråd works to strengthen the life of young people in Viborg Municipality and organises activities such as food evenings, beta board games and workshops. If you are between 13 and 24 years old and live in Viborg Municipality, you can also become a member and help Viborg become an even better place to be young.

Viborg Ungdomsråd
Reberbanen 13
8800 Viborg

De Frivilliges Hus - House of Volunteers

De Frivilliges Hus’ objective is to support, inspire and disseminate knowledge of the voluntary social work in Viborg Municipality. Drop by if you want to be part of a volunteer community that helps others.

De Frivilliges Hus Viborg
Ll. Sct. Hansgade 7-9 8800 Viborg, Danmark

Viborg Library

Viborg's libraries are not just books — they are a community of interests, curiosity and knowledge. Come and be a part of our community. Participate in reading groups, IT workshops or try to work with the technology in our TestLab.

Viborg Bibliotekerne
Vesterbrogade 15
8800 Viborg
8787 3434

GAME Streetmekka

GAME Streetmekka Viborg is a paved street sports and cultural centre. Viborg's children, youths and adults can meet and develop skills within street art, cycling, DJ/VJ, skating, street basketball, street football, parkour, hip hop, break dancing and much more.

GAME Streetmekka Viborg
Nellikevej 2
8800 Viborg


Sted1 is a meeting place and drop-in centre for vulnerable children and youths between the 13 and 19. Here you can meet other young people or have a chat with one of the social workers. All young people in Viborg Municipality are welcome and there is no registration or assessment.

Vestergade 3D
8800 Viborg
Søren Krog