Sexualisterne is a team of young people who enlighten other young people about sexuality. They give presentations in schools on topics such as sexuality, youth, contraception and sexually transmitted diseases and social media.

Sexualisterne Viborg
Viborg Ungdomsskoler
Reberbanen 13
Viborg, Denmark

Abortlinien - Abortion Helpline

Abortlinien is an anonymous telephone and internet counselling service for women and men. If you, for example, are unexpectedly pregnant, having doubts, pressured or let down - or if you're having a hard time after an abortion - there is help to be found here.

Retten til Liv
Cedervej 1, Stjær, 8464 Galten

The Danish Family Planning Association (DFPA)

DFPA is an organisation that fights for everyone's equal right to decide over their own body and sexuality. DFPA works nationally and internationally for sexual health, rights, well-being and room for diversity.

Sex og Samfund
Lergravsvej 63, 2. sal
2300 København S

Nice to know when relocating

Here you will find usefull information as a young person and student in Viborg.