Mercantec — Further Vocational Training

Mercantec offers a wide range of vocational training and courses, ranging from languages, IT, sales and marketing to plumbing, construction and automotive technology.

If you have any doubts about what to choose, KompetenceAfklaringsCenter Midt can help you.


VIA University College

If you wish to extend your existing education or learn something completely new, VIA University College might be right for you.

Here you can choose from more than 30 qualifying courses — including academic programmes, diploma programmes, courses, modules and individual subjects, online courses or specialised programmes.


Dania Academy

At Dania Academy, you can study more than 250 exciting academic and diploma subjects. Or you can put together a tailor-made course for you or your employees.


Birgitte Riise Bjærge

Aarhus University

If you want to further your education at a high level, Aarhus University has a wide variety of programmes to choose from, whether you want a Master, an MBA, a single subject, a Bachelor or to be a part-time student.


Aalborg University

At Aalborg University, there are endless opportunities to gain new knowledge and competencies within your area of passion. You can attend both Bachelor and Master programmes, or a single subject course.



Education is the key to a brighter future. That is why we work together across - from primary school to secondary and high school – in order to keep improving.